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A data platform reinvented for the age of cross-device, built with patent-pending machine learning processing and full data transparency.


This is your customer

She prefers to browse merchandise on her smartphone, read reviews on her tablet, and make purchases in a physical store.

She wants coherent experiences that allow her to find and buy the perfect product in the way that is most convenient for her.

How We Help

If you can’t see a customer consistently across devices and channels, how can you make smart decisions?



Unify Your Data

Break down the walls between your existing data sources, bringing all of your customer engagement data into one place.

Most people go through 6 to 8 touchpoints before deciding to purchase.


Identify Customers

Our platform recognizes the person behind every purchase, visit, click, share, and open.  It then creates a complete customer profile containing all of a customer’s interactions across different channels & multiple devices.

74% of marketers say matching customers across devices is a priority, yet just 14% have this capability.


Understand Behavior

Revmetrix applications give you access to advanced insights that are only possible when you have a complete view of customer behavior. We empower you to make critical decisions with the confidence that comes from fully understanding how your customers behave.

Over 50% of marketers say cross-channel measurement and attribution are top priorities this year.


Take Action

With better customer intelligence, you can create smarter marketing campaigns, reach more customers, make better decisions, and create happier, more loyal customers.


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