Does your data help you build smarter engagement and create happier customers?

Revmetrix is customer intelligence reinvented for the age of omnichannel commerce.

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This is your customer

She prefers to browse merchandise on her smartphone, read reviews on her tablet, and make purchases in-person.

She expects you to know who she is no matter what channel she is using.

How We Help

If your data is siloed in channel­-specific systems, how can you gain the customer­-centric view required to understand and act on her needs?

Unify • Identify • Learn • Act


Unify Your Data

Break down the walls between your existing data sources, bringing all of your customer engagement data into one place.

94% of retailers face significant barriers to becoming an integrated omnichannel company.


Identify Customers

Recognize the person behind every visit, click, share, open, and purchase. Revmetrix creates a 360° customer profile containing all of a customer’€™s interactions with your brand.

78% of shoppers use two or more channels to research and purchase and item.


Understand Behavior

Access advanced insights that are only possible when you have a complete view of your customer. Make critical decisions with the confidence that comes from fully understanding how your customers behave across all channels and devices.

Multichannel consumers spend 82% more than normal shoppers.


Take Action

With better customer intelligence, you can create smarter marketing campaigns, reach more customers, make better decisions, and create happier, more loyal customers.



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